A tiny little sweetie - Saskatoon photographers

I photographed this little boys parents wedding a while back.  Fast forward half a decade and I got an email saying they were expecting their first baby!  Of course I was so thrilled for them!!  Their little boy arrived happy and healthy weighing as much as his mom when she was born, just 5lbs 14oz.  After photographing a 9lb-er just a week before I couldn't get over how tiny he was!  At just 6 days new, he was awake for most of his session, but as happy as a clam, so we rolled with it.  By the end of the session he fell asleep so we ended up getting some cute sleepy shots too.  I loved seeing their maternity prints framed in his nursery, so of course, we had to get a couple of shots including them too.  Here is the tiniest little peanut who has ever graced my camera.