Bouncing baby boy - Saskatoon photographers

We typically don't photograph too many newborns, however this year, we had 3 past clients all expecting babies within a month of each other!  Among the busy fall wedding season, I got some serious baby snuggles in.  We always photograph babies in their home, without the use of props, unless an item has sentimental value to the family.  This little boy was so sweet.  His big sister was the same age as my daughter when my son was born.  It's hard to believe I was in this mothers shoes just 2.5 years ago. 

This little man was going through a growth spurt when I was there, he wanted to nurse... a lot.  But once his tummy was full she was the perfect little sleepy model.  His nursery made a beautiful backdrop for his first photo shoot!  And his big sister has grown so much since our last session (she was 6 months old then, now she's almost 2)!