Today's lesson - Saskatoon photographers

A few years ago we switched around how we do things a bit to make our customer service for portrait sessions top notch.  We know a few photographers in Saskatoon did this already and little did we know how much it would change everything (in a good way!).  What am I talking about you may ask?


What is an ordering session?  Once the photo shoot has come and gone, we have our clients back into our studio, typically within the week following the session, to view and order their images. How did it change everything? 

Well our favorite thing in the whole world is watching our clients view their images for the first time, seeing the emotions, the smiles, the tears, everything, reassures me 1000% of what I do is all worth it at that moment.  Another thing that we have found since doing these sessions in person is people have no idea what to order.  They typically have an idea of what they want...  a big wall portrait, an album, or maybe some gift prints for their family, but the number one questions I always get asked is:  "What do you think?" or "How big is that?" "Between this image or that image, which one do you prefer?"  Being able to provide our clients with the expertise in giving suggestions on what to order and what size is ideal for their space is priceless. 

Another thing we love about in person ordering sessions is we hear and see what our clients don't like about themselves.  I know, hands down, we are all our own worst critic.  I might look at an image of you and think it's absolutely beautiful, and you might look at it and all you can see is your arm that appears too big to you, or you hate your profile.  This small but crucial detail has absolutely made us become better at our craft!  Time and time again we hear many of the same complains about people and their thoughts about themselves, which has made us more aware during the session to avoid these things in posing etc.  And for those returning clients especially... if they don't like their arms, I will be sure to pose a certain way to mask that, or if they preferred one side to another, or a smile that doesn't show their teeth, I will keep that in mind for future sessions. This is something that I would have never even realized had I not been there in person with my clients. 

Walking our clients through every step of the process has become our way.  Little did I know, this small step has made me improve so much as a photographer.  While it does take a bit more time, we feel as it is worth every extra minute!  If you are a photographer who would like more info on this topic, drop us a line!  We would love to chat more!