Frames, Frames, Frames!!!

Well I got some bad news the other day... our super, wonderful, Canadian, frame company is closing its doors.  My house is full of these frames, and now I will no longer be able to add to my collection.  Total bummer... I know!  But, the good news is, they are still accepting orders until July 30, so we will be happy to accept any orders until then.  I thought lets go out with a bang!  All frames will be sold empty (without images) and I can offer them for 40% off if you buy two or more.  We would be more than happy to print professional prints for the frames as well at at discounted price of 20% off our regular print price. 

So, you can get these frames for a steal!  Here is the pricing:

30x40:  $749.40 (reg: $1249)

20x30:  $407.40 (reg: $679)

16x20:  $221.40 (reg: $369)

11x14:  $149.40 (reg: $249)

8x10:  $71.60 (reg: $179)

The frames are amazing quality!  And I'm saddened as I haven't found a company that is Canadian and comparable.  So until we find another great company to supply us, this will be the last time you will be able to score some frames from us!  Here are some images of the frames.  They come in a variety of different shapes, can come distressed or not, and you can get them in every color of the rainbow!  Our last day to accept frame orders is July 29, 2014!!!