A timeless newborn session - Saskatoon Photography

We often get asked if we do newborn photos, and the next question is what kind of props do you have?  And the answer is:  NONE.  While we adore all those squished up baby poses with all the different headbands and blankets that is 'in' right now, our style is a bit different when it comes to newborn photography.  Our newborn sessions are very family based, using only 'props' that have sentimental value, focusing on the family as a whole, as well as the newborn.  When it comes to the newborn alone shots, we love to get all those little details, the hands, the feet, the lips and the nose.  85% of the session is done with the new baby wrapped in your arms.  If you are looking for the cute squished up baby with all the cute props, we would be happy to send you to a few photographers here in Saskatoon that do an amazing job at that style.  If you are looking for this (see below), feel free to shoot us an email!  We would love to hear from you!