Beginner DSLR course in Saskatoon

As the new year approaches, we are getting a ton of inquires about our beginner DLSR courses!  We are hosting another one in the new year. This is a great idea for those on your Christmas list who are hard to buy for or those that are receiving a brand spankin' new camera for Christmas!  Details for the course:

When:  Sunday, January 8, 9:30am-11:30am. 

Where:  Our studio, downtown Saskatoon.  158 2nd Ave North. 

What is covered:  ISO, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, and manual modes.

Cost:  $110 plus taxes. 

What is DSLR camera?  A DLSR is a camera where you can change the lenses and has the ability to shoot in manual modes.  

We keep our class sizes small (up to 5 people) to ensure each participant gets one on one attention and a lot of practice time.  We find the smaller class size makes asking questions much less intimidating and allows for us to give each person individual attention. 

Here is what Becky said about a recent course we held:

"I would highly recommend the DSLR course offered by Memories by Mandy Photography! I went into the course not knowing how to use any of the features on my camera, but I left with a really good understanding of how to use a number of basic features to improve the pictures I take and in which situations I would use which camera settings. What I really liked is that the course wasn't just theory, but it also included hands on learning and practicing. I'm excited to go out and use the things I learned in this course! I can already see an improvement in the pictures I'm taking."

Interested?  Please email us to secure your spot!