Models wanted...

Now that we have a studio, we have so many ideas we want to try out, which means we need models! We are looking for the following:

 1. A trendy child (or siblings) with an afro. (Between ages 3-16)

2.  A little girl with freckles. (Between ages 4-9)

3.  A mom with her kids

4.  A dad with his kids

5.  A baby girl, who is sitting but not yet crawling.

6.  A photogenic family.  Minimum 4 people.  (sorry, no extended families)

A few prerequisites:

-We have very specific plain clothing requirements that we will need our models to bring to their session. Most will likely have something in their current wardrobe, but may need to purchase something.  Current styles are a must! 

-We have a very specific look in mind.  Please email us with a photo and age of your child(ren) along with which category you are submitting them in. (If you will be in the parent sessions, please include an image of yourself as well.).  Bonus points if your child is wearing a trendy outfit in their submission photo.  Please email submissions to:

-All sessions will be done in studio free of charge.

-All models/parents MUST be willing to allow us to use their images in our portfolio, which includes all social media outlets.

-We are looking for models who are NOT camera shy.

-Only the models chosen will be contacted for their sessions.  As we mentioned earlier we have a very specific look in mind for these sessions.  If your child was not chosen, please keep an eye on our page for future models calls! 

-Most sessions will be photographed on March 5-6.

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