Photography Mentorship registration is open

As our 2016/2017 year comes to an end (in July), I'm having some bitter sweet moments.  It has been an amazing year teaching our mentorship students and I'm feeling a bit emotional as the year comes to an end.  With that being said, I'm so excited for a new year to begin and the new people I can train and mould into successful photographers in their areas.  Our 2017 mentorship program is half full.  Our two remaining spots are for photographers at least 100km away from Saskatoon, and be passionate about photography and running a business.  Here is what Brandi said about being in the class this last year:  

"My favorite part of the course has been meeting others that I can bounce ideas off of and get advice from. It's also been so amazing to witness the evolution of my peers in their business ventures. Although getting pregnant and having a baby threw a bit of a wrench into my business timeline, I have started building a foundation for the future and learned things that I will build upon when I am able to jump into photography with both feet. Mandy is so knowledgeable and has been completely transparent - she has been such a great mentor and has laid out all of the failures and successes she experienced along the way. With Mandy's guidance and the support from the girls, I have become more confident in my abilities and have learned to value my work and my time!"

If you are interested, please email us for an application form!  Thank you so much!