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While doing my own search for a photographer for my annual family photos, I realize that so many photographers put very little on their websites about themselves.  I find this so odd, because in my opinion, the person behind the camera is just as important, if not more important than their portfolio... so I decided to write a little something about me over the next little while.  Every second Tuesday, I will write a little tidbit, naming the blog posts, Tidbit Tuesday.  This week's Tidbit is all about an association I'm a part of, the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).  You can check out their website, Here

Memories by Mandy

We are so proud to be an accredited member of the PPOC.  We currently hold an accreditation in weddings, and working on our accreditation in families.  What does that mean?  Here is some great information from the PPOC website. 

Memories by Mandy

Why Choose an Accredited Professional Photographer?

PPOC’s accreditation process recognizes photographers who have reached a nationally accepted standard of proficiency and knowledge in photographic arts. Achieved by submitting samples of photography to a PPOC Board of Review, this peer-reviewed program challenges candidates to demonstrate their capability of delivering exceptional quality photography in a chosen category.

As a specialist in their chosen field, a PPOC Accredited professional photographer has the proven experience, knowledge and equipment to provide you with a quality product in their area of expertise. 

Memories by Mandy

Why become a member?

PPOC welcomes photographers of all genres to join our community.  Meet new friends and mentors and take advantage of the wealth of experience and knowledge.

PPOC offers photographers a way to rise to professional status.  Educational opportunities, networking, direct member benefits and the ability to earn awards and designations will assist in your potential for growth and economic improvement.

Once an Accredited member, your personal area of specialty and images are promoted on our website so clients and other photographers making referrals know who to contact.

Memories by Mandy

There are currently only a handful of photographers who hold an accreditation in weddings in Saskatoon, and we are so proud to be one of them!  This is really the only type of organization across Canada that recognizes and holds photographers to a higher standard.  In my opinion, this shows so much more value to our clients.  When in reality, anyone can go out and buy a camera and start up a Facebook page.  How do we separate ourselves from the rest?  We keep pushing ourselves to become the best photographers we can be, as there is so much competition in Saskatoon.  The PPOC helps us achieve that.   

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