A surprise wedding in Saskatoon!!!

I got a phone call last summer... my cousin was recently engaged to an amazing girl, and they wanted to get some engagement photos done here in Saskatoon before an anniversary party they were planning.  After a brief conversation, his fiance said she would call me back to discuss further what they had wanted as far as the session goes.  She called me back and confided that their engagement photos would actually be a surprise wedding!  Only their parents knew, and well, now me.  Fast forward to the day of their 'engagement party' AKA surprise wedding last October!  

I showed up at the James hotel in their beautiful penthouse suite.  My cousin and his fiance were there with their parents/grandparents and some special kids, who had no idea they were about to be a flower girl and ring bear.  At this point only the parents and myself new we were about to witness a wedding later that evening!  We started the day with the bride slipping into her gorgeous wedding gown, we stepped outside the bedroom and everyone seemed a bit confused.  They yelled SURPRISE!  We are getting married today!!!  The look on everyone's faces were priceless.  We ventured off the the U of S for a little mini session with just the bride and groom, then went to the Saskatoon club where the bride slipped into a different dress for the 'engagement party'.  Guests started to arrive to a beautifully decorated room, enjoyed some appy's, and visited.  

As a diversion right before supper, I arranged to get everyone outside for a group photo.  We came back into the room to find all the chairs all lined up like there was a ceremony about to happen.  Everyone looked a bit confused and the excitement grew!  We ushered everyone into the ceremony part of the room, and the ceremony began.  I have never felt so much excitement in one room before.  The energy was out of this world!  There were so many tears of joy and so many smiles on everyone's faces!  If you are ever thinking of having a surprise wedding, I highly suggest it.  It was the most emotional wedding we have ever been to.

So here it is... my first ever surprise wedding!  I sure hope it's not my last... it was freakin' amazing!!!