Anniversary Shoot!!!

A year and a half ago, this gorgeous lady was at the studio for her family session and she mentioned that her 5 year wedding anniversary was coming up and she had a vision of a session she wanted to do to celebrate.  She said she wanted to do a session of them, doing things they do in their everyday life, but in their wedding attire.  A session that reflected where they are in their lives now.  Their wedding was in spring and it was a cold, windy, rainy day so they didn't get as many images as they had hoped to on their actual wedding day.  Fast forward 5 years later and here they are in one of the most beautiful homes in Saskatoon, with a gorgeous little girl who they welcomed into the family more than a year earlier.

Our session started off how most of their mornings do.  Just hanging out in bed as a family and enjoying each others company.  They then changed into their wedding attire (yes this handsome husband and dad rented a tux for the occasion), but not before we got some beautiful images of their little girl playing in her mothers veil. 

During our consultation, I found out that they love to bake cookies (she does it so much she doesn't even look at a recipe!!!), dance in the living room, play outside and have lunch at their favorite neighborhood cafe.  So we did just that!

I then stole the husband and wife to get some beautiful wedding formals down by the river, then we headed back to the house for bedtime.  This, by far, was my favorite part of the session.  To see these parents and the love they share for not only each other, but for their little girl gave me goosebumps.  Their patience and respect for one another was so inspiring to witness.  The way he still looks at her even after 5 years of marriage and the love you can feel she has for him after all these years, its apparent that these two were meant to be.

Thank you so much for trusting me to bring your vision to life.  I have been meaning to post this for a while (A year actually, since it's your 6th wedding anniversary next month), but today was finally the right moment for me.  It has been so amazing to be a part of such a special experience.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

A wedding in Waskesiu - Waskesiu weddings

We were so fortunate to capture this amazing wedding day in Waskesiu this summer!  There were so many great things about the day, and one little mishap, which was a bit stressful at the time, but everything turned out beautifully in the end! 

The highlights for me were: 

The Dress.  The brides dress was not your typical bridal gown.  It was pretty, flowy, simple, but elegant.  Really the perfect gown for the location! 

The Venues:  It was my first time shooting in the cozy church at Elk Ridge resort as well as in the log cabin Hall in Waskesiu.  Both venues were stunning!

The locations for photos:  The couple chose some pretty special places to do their photos.  The first was where he proposed!  It doesn't get much more special than that!  The second was the golf course where they spend so much of their time over the summer months.  And the third was traditional Waskesiu.  The forest right next to water is pretty much any photographers dream.

The best man speech:  Hands down the best 'toast to the groom' I've heard to date!  It was a perfect mix of being hilarious to being super sentimental.  A ton of thought was put into it and it had everyone in tears!!!  

Lastly, the first dance as husband and wife:  This part of the day gave me goosebumps.  Something was definitely in the air!!! 

Oh and the little mishap:  One of the bridesmaids dress' zipper broke before she even had a chance to do it up!  So they had to sew her right into her dress just moments before leaving to the ceremony!  Talk about stressful!!! Luckily they had some crafty bridesmaids who saved the day!

Saskatoon award winning photographer!

Big news Alert! After my first time entering PPOC-Saskatchewan image salon, I walked away with TWO awards for my imaged titled 'Fallen Angel'!!!! I received 'Best Wedding Portrait' (only one of these is handed out in Saskatchewan a year), and a judges choice award! I am so excited!!! Thank you to my lovely model for agreeing to roll with all of my crazy ideas:).  We were also featured in the Saskatoon Star Pheonix!  You can check out the article HERE

Prints vs. Files - Saskatoon photographers

Did you know we offer a wide variety of products, including digital files and prints? We have a lot of clients order wall portraits from us along with the digital files... some do it for the convenience, some do it for the quality, and others do it for the extra retouching! The first image is straight out of camera and the second is the extent of retouching we do when you purchase a wall portrait through us.

A surprise wedding in Saskatoon!!!

I got a phone call last summer... my cousin was recently engaged to an amazing girl, and they wanted to get some engagement photos done here in Saskatoon before an anniversary party they were planning.  After a brief conversation, his fiance said she would call me back to discuss further what they had wanted as far as the session goes.  She called me back and confided that their engagement photos would actually be a surprise wedding!  Only their parents knew, and well, now me.  Fast forward to the day of their 'engagement party' AKA surprise wedding last October!  

I showed up at the James hotel in their beautiful penthouse suite.  My cousin and his fiance were there with their parents/grandparents and some special kids, who had no idea they were about to be a flower girl and ring bear.  At this point only the parents and myself new we were about to witness a wedding later that evening!  We started the day with the bride slipping into her gorgeous wedding gown, we stepped outside the bedroom and everyone seemed a bit confused.  They yelled SURPRISE!  We are getting married today!!!  The look on everyone's faces were priceless.  We ventured off the the U of S for a little mini session with just the bride and groom, then went to the Saskatoon club where the bride slipped into a different dress for the 'engagement party'.  Guests started to arrive to a beautifully decorated room, enjoyed some appy's, and visited.  

As a diversion right before supper, I arranged to get everyone outside for a group photo.  We came back into the room to find all the chairs all lined up like there was a ceremony about to happen.  Everyone looked a bit confused and the excitement grew!  We ushered everyone into the ceremony part of the room, and the ceremony began.  I have never felt so much excitement in one room before.  The energy was out of this world!  There were so many tears of joy and so many smiles on everyone's faces!  If you are ever thinking of having a surprise wedding, I highly suggest it.  It was the most emotional wedding we have ever been to.

So here it is... my first ever surprise wedding!  I sure hope it's not my last... it was freakin' amazing!!!             

A fairytale wedding at The Glen at Crossmount, Saskatoon

Where do we even begin with this wedding?!  Gosh, it was a good one!  The bride was stunning, the groom/groomsmen are British (that means they are a blast, hilarious, and don't stop cracking jokes all day), the bridesmaids were sweet (a nice contrast from the guys, lol), and the flowergirl completely stole the show!  At 2 years old walked down the isle by herself like it's something shes done 100 times.  I have never met a more confident, smart, not to mention gorgeous little girl.

The ceremony was at Mayfair united church here in Saskatoon.  Once the ceremony was finished we headed outside for a group photo.  A tradition the groom organized, and I love.  We went to a few different locations around town, then headed back to reception.  The Glen at Crossmount is a beautiful venue for anyone wanting a unique location for your special day.  The couple had it decorated beautifully, with some really amazing/personal touches.  The speeches were hilarious and the first dance as husband and wife gave me goosebumps. 

It really was the perfect day!  Sometimes i have to pinch myself to remind myself that I'm not dreaming.  This is what I get to do for a living!  Here is a small sample from their special day.  I CAN NOT wait for wedding season again!   

A gorgeous Saskatoon acreage DIY wedding

This wedding was one I had been anticipating all summer.  It was a bit different than any other wedding we had previously photographed, and a bit more special for me as it was on the same day as my wedding anniversary.  It consisted of a morning ceremony, 6 hours of formals (complete with an outfit change), a backyard acreage reception under big beautiful tents, family style East Indian supper, and to top it all off, Fireworks.  All of which were a first for me!  The entire wedding was completely DIY, and it was so simply stunning! 

6 hours of formals seems like a lot of time for formals, but I could have shot these two for another full day!  They were so natural in front of the camera, and as you can tell from the images, they are extremely photogenic.  I felt very fortunate our paths had crossed and to have shared so many firsts with them. 

Here is a very small selection to tell their wedding day story...

Smokey and the bride (and groom)

When I first met with this couple, they said their wedding could be described in 3 words: Family, Friends and Fun.  After meeting with several wedding photographers here in Saskatoon, they decided that we were the perfect fit!  I’m not sure who was more excited!  The bride, or myself?! 

The bride had so many personal touches in her day.  The salon that did her hair was the same salon she has been going to since she was a little girl, she even had pictures on her phone of the makeup artist doing her make up in a wedding she was in last year.  Her dress was new, but the overlay bottom part was added from her mothers gown.  These were just a few of the details that made her day so uniquely hers on the day she married her highschool sweetheart.

The wedding party fit right into their theme, it consisted of some family, many friends and a lot of fun!  The only thing that wasn’t planned was all the smoke that came from the forest fires up North.  The fires were picking up speed around the weekend of her wedding and the smoke in the city was thick.  Luckily, the smoke added to the images and really made them feel that much more romantic.  

The day started a bit earlier than we usually arrive, as the bride wanted some getting ready shots at the salon, as it was sentimental for her.  We put the dress on at her mom and dads place then rushed off to the church.  The ceremony was beautiful!  We hit up a few locations around Saskatoon, the last being a greenhouse!  The bride loves flowers, so we made the stop to get some nice images with a ton of color.  My assistant and I stopped by the hall to get some detail shots before we called it a day. 

If I could describe this Saskatoon wedding in 3 words it would be:  Sentimental, attention to detail, and FUN!   To the lovely couple:  I hope your day was everything you dreamed.  Wishing you all the best in your married life!