Emma Lake Saskatchewan Photographer

Sessions at Emma Lake are so much fun. I love having a job that I look forward to even when I’m on holidays. I love to photograph sessions on the beach, whether they beaches of Maui or the beaches at Emma Lake here in Saskatchewan. We plan on being at Emma Lake this summer a little bit, so if you would like a session up North with no travel fee’s, please get in touch! We would love to photograph your family up at the place your family makes their memories. Very limited session times available.

Emma Lake photographers

Adorable Saskatoon family

I’m always so thankful to each and every person who has graced our lens. I understand that professional photography can be a very large investment, and I’m touched when people choose to spend their hard earned dollars with us. Professional photography has always been so important to me personally, and I love it when I find people who have a matched love for getting in front of the lens.

This family wanted to do their session when they got back from Mexico, before their tans faded. Isn’t that a smart idea? They also wanted to include their furbaby. How could I say no?! Can you guess her name?

(Our Saskatoon photography studio is potty-trained, well behaved, puppy friendly).

Saskatoon photographers

I first met this beauty years ago when her mom signed her up for our princess sessions when she was seven. I was shooting in my home studio. Fast forward to the end of 2018, and her mom signed her up for our short and sweet sessions (just for the kids). She’s blossomed into this sweet, very photogenic, pre-teen. She comes across as shy at first, but she really shines in front of the camera. A little sparkle lights up in her eyes, and she could be photographed all day. Thanks so much for seeing us the short time you were in Saskatoon!! It’s always a pleasure to see you on your travels to our beautiful city!!!

Saskatoon family photographer

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might recognize this adorable family… well it’s the first time I’ve met their sweet children, but I photographed mom and dad’s wedding years ago. They live in Edmonton, but were in town over the holidays, so they came to our north end Saskatoon studio for some updated family portraits. Don’t you love the colors mom chose for clothing for the session? It’s always heartwarming to see our clients come back with little ones. This family is no exception:).

Saskatoon photography studio

I absolutely love shooting in our Saskatoon photography studio all year long. This family was a treat to have at our Saskatoon studio last month. We did manage to get quite a few ‘looking at the camera smiling’ images considering the kiddos didn’t have much interest in sitting…. Smiling, on the other hand, wasn’t an issue! Can’t get over how cute my clients are!!!

Casual extended family session

This fun family decided to go with our CASUAL extended family session. It includes an extra 30-45 minutes to ensure we get some great candid’s along with the posed shots. It also ensures time to get plenty of shots of the grandkids, playing and having fun. This crew was a blast! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people grace my camera.