Saskatoon family photographer

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might recognize this adorable family… well it’s the first time I’ve met their sweet children, but I photographed mom and dad’s wedding years ago. They live in Edmonton, but were in town over the holidays, so they came to our north end Saskatoon studio for some updated family portraits. Don’t you love the colors mom chose for clothing for the session? It’s always heartwarming to see our clients come back with little ones. This family is no exception:).

Mentorship Family #2

Our mentorship program here at our Saskatoon Photography Studio was so fun last month!  We brought in two families, one with older children, and one with younger children.  It was so great to show our 'students' the difference between the two families and to show them that the younger the kids are, the harder they make you work for the great shot.  All of their movement and running around does make for some really great, unique images.  Here are just a few of my favorite images from family #2!  Huge thank you to both families for helping us out!  I know it's not easy being in front of the camera, let along 4 cameras! 

Busy, busy, busy! Welcome to life with two kids:).

I photographed this little girl when she was a baby.  It was so cool to see her so grown up, and oh so busy!  She sat so good at the beginning of the session then we just let her run around and I chased her.  LOL.   And her little bro.  Equally adorable!  Gosh, this family has become near and dear to me.  And their kids.... so freakin' adorable!!!!  I tried narrowing down a selection for viewing.  Obviously it was way to hard, so here are over half of their images!  So many great shots. 

Monkey Business

How do we get nice natural smiles?  We act completely silly!  Like really, really silly.  If you've ever been in front of my camera, you will know what I mean when I say, I usually bust out the Monkey.  Doesn't always work for the kids, but it always works for the adults.  I think to be a great photographer, you need to be able to make people laugh.  And by doing that, you just have to have no shame.  This foursome loved the monkey, and it loved them:).