Anniversary Shoot!!!

A year and a half ago, this gorgeous lady was at the studio for her family session and she mentioned that her 5 year wedding anniversary was coming up and she had a vision of a session she wanted to do to celebrate.  She said she wanted to do a session of them, doing things they do in their everyday life, but in their wedding attire.  A session that reflected where they are in their lives now.  Their wedding was in spring and it was a cold, windy, rainy day so they didn't get as many images as they had hoped to on their actual wedding day.  Fast forward 5 years later and here they are in one of the most beautiful homes in Saskatoon, with a gorgeous little girl who they welcomed into the family more than a year earlier.

Our session started off how most of their mornings do.  Just hanging out in bed as a family and enjoying each others company.  They then changed into their wedding attire (yes this handsome husband and dad rented a tux for the occasion), but not before we got some beautiful images of their little girl playing in her mothers veil. 

During our consultation, I found out that they love to bake cookies (she does it so much she doesn't even look at a recipe!!!), dance in the living room, play outside and have lunch at their favorite neighborhood cafe.  So we did just that!

I then stole the husband and wife to get some beautiful wedding formals down by the river, then we headed back to the house for bedtime.  This, by far, was my favorite part of the session.  To see these parents and the love they share for not only each other, but for their little girl gave me goosebumps.  Their patience and respect for one another was so inspiring to witness.  The way he still looks at her even after 5 years of marriage and the love you can feel she has for him after all these years, its apparent that these two were meant to be.

Thank you so much for trusting me to bring your vision to life.  I have been meaning to post this for a while (A year actually, since it's your 6th wedding anniversary next month), but today was finally the right moment for me.  It has been so amazing to be a part of such a special experience.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Prints vs. Files - Saskatoon photographers

Did you know we offer a wide variety of products, including digital files and prints? We have a lot of clients order wall portraits from us along with the digital files... some do it for the convenience, some do it for the quality, and others do it for the extra retouching! The first image is straight out of camera and the second is the extent of retouching we do when you purchase a wall portrait through us.