A wedding in a castle

Well not really a castle, but the closest thing we have to a castle here in Saskatoon.  This wedding was a referral, like so many of our weddings.  If you have been following me from the beginning of my photography journey, you will recognize one of the hilarious bridesmaids.  I photographed her wedding a while back and have actually become pretty close friends ever since!  Her little girls have been on my blog over the last 4 years as well:).  

Back to this day, which was fit for a queen, and, of course, her king.  We had the pleasure of capturing the full day, which was so hard to narrow down the favorites for.  She wore the same shoes her mother wore on her wedding day, which was so incredibly special.  Even in her pretty ballet flats, the bride and groom both over 6 feet tall, towered over my 5"5' frame, so thank goodness I brought my ladder to get some great angles of this incredibly tall, incredibly good looking duo.  

Everything about this day was something to talk about.  Our day started with getting ready coverage.  The groom gave the bride a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings along with a note that made the first tears of the day flow freely.  Once the gals were suited up we headed over to a gorgeous church on third ave here in Saskatoon.  Again, more tears flowed.  The wedding ceremony was a mixture of sentimental, traditional and heartfelt.  I could really witness 1000 weddings and love every single one!  This one was no exception. 

Once the ceremony wrapped up we went to garden architecture, where the bride and groom nailed their portraits, like to a 'T'!  So many amazing shots, I really could have posted every one!  We met up with the wedding party and went to a pretty park which I found while location scouting, where I cried... tears of laughter.  They were so flippin' funny!!!  To say it was a blast would be an understatement.  Seriously, I would love to hang out with them every single weekend!  These guys know how to have fun and let loose, which is right up my alley!  

We headed to the bes, to get some shots of the gorgeous room after the wedding planners were finishing up setting it up.  It was so darn pretty!  Purple and gold everywhere!!!  We finished up the portrait portion of the day and headed right into cocktail hour, not before finishing with a few 'jumping' pictures (an inside joke with the bride and groom).  

The speeches were a bit on the tame side, so I'm thinking not all the juicy details of the couple were spilled by never-less, they were classy and so hilarious!  The slideshow, so sweet and the first dance, again, brought tears to the happy couples' eyes.  Thinking back to this day, it was perfect!  So here it is... a wedding in a castle.....