Thank you!

I often have a hard time writing blog posts.  Finding the right words has always been a struggle for me, as each client is so different and brings out different emotions.  Writing has always been something that has been an interest, but something I have never been good at.  I have to admit, I'm super envious of great writers.  For me, translating my thoughts into words is tricky.  Not to mention proper grammar, where to put the comma or starting a new sentence.  Yup, the struggle is real.  Translating into pictures is so much easier. 

I have always been an artistic person.  Seeing moments happen and capturing the emotions is what I love.  Being a wedding photographer in this beautiful city of Saskatoon is something I don't take lightly.  Capturing the love between couples and all of the emotions of a wedding day is something that I thrive on.  At times I run into different vendors on a wedding day and wonder why the heck they are still in the wedding business.  They are bitter, cranky and complaining the whole day.  Weddings bring out just the opposite in me.  After each year, wedding season becomes more exciting. The night before a wedding I get giddy and excited for the Saturday to come!  I think I can truly say, that after 8 years of shooting weddings I fall more and more in love with them each and every year.  I really feel so fortunate that I am able to share in the love between two people who trust me to capture the memory of their big day, and preserve that memory long after the wedding day.  So many weddings I've shot recently include photos of their own parents and even grandparents on their wedding day, Either at the guest sign in book or on the cake table.  To think that a wedding I have captured could be displayed long after my time here on earth is unfathomable, yet a reality of so many of our clients.  To say it's an honor to capture someones wedding day is truly an understatement.

To all of my clients who have trusted me to photograph the happiest day of your lives, thank you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Cheers to the last 8 years, and to the next 8 years (+).  I can't wait!